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Treating Halitosis

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Preventing Bad Breath

Sometimes chronic bad breath needs more than a toothbrush to go away. Good oral care is a good way to avoid bad breath but if it is a regular problem, then something else is going on and treatment is probably required. Dr. David Williams in Pensacola, FL can evaluate your bad breath and help you determine the cause.

Why People Get Bad Breath:


Periodontal disease




Medical conditions



What is Causing Bad Breath?

Periodontal disease

Periodontal disease is one of the most common culprits of oral malodor because the bacteria that cause it will not go away with regular brushing, flossing, or mouthwash. It requires professional periodontal treatment to address it. If left untreated, the problem will persist and teeth and bone will also be adversely affected.

Dietary choices

Strong foods and beverages, including alcohol, can make the breath smell, especially when consumed frequently. Mints, mouthwash, and brushing will not cover the odor for very long because the food will still need to be metabolized fully by the body.


Smoking cigarettes or using chewing tobacco can cause all kinds of health problems, including halitosis. Tobacco also increases plaque production, which leads to gum disease.

Medical problems

If you have bad breath that persists, talk to your medical doctor to rule out disease. Health problems, such as organ and lung disease, diabetes, yeast infections in the mouth, digestive problems, and sinus issues can make the breath smell.

Avoiding and Getting Rid of Bad Breath

Dr. Williams and his staff have helped countless patients with halitosis in the Pensacola, FL region find answers and solutions. If chronic bad breath is a problem, call or contact our office today so we can make an appointment for you!
The bacteria that lead to gum disease are very irritating and damaging to gum tissue, which is where they breed. Gums that swell and bleed are one of the first tell-tale signs and treating it right away, which can only be done with a dental professional, is needed to stop gum damage and prevent tooth and bone loss.
Tobacco smells and it causes diseases that can place your life at risk.
Start keeping a diary to see if you are eating foods that cause bad breath, such as fish, cheese, certain spices, garlic, onions, alcohol, and the like. Reduce your consumption and see what happens.
You may have a health problem that is causing mouth malodor.
Dry mouth can lead to halitosis so keep water and other healthy fluids on hand during the day.

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