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Treating Periodontitis with Laser Dentistry

LANAP® Laser Treatment

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When treating patients with periodontitis in Pensacola, FL, Dr. David Williams often recommends laser dentistry because it is an effective and therapeutic way to remove bacteria without causing excessive pain, bleeding, and inflammation. Laser dentistry is today’s preferred way to address a number of dental problems, including periodontitis, dental implant surgery, cosmetic restorations, and more. For state of the art periodontitis treatment, choose laser dentistry in the Pensacola, FL area with Dr. Williams. Call or contact our office today so we can make an appointment for you.

Why Use Laser for Periodontitis?

  • Laser is minimally invasive, so it results in reduced discomfort.
  • Laser is efficient and can do more in less time.
  • Laser removes bacteria more precisely than traditional methods.
  • Laser reduces gum recession resulting from treatment.
  • Laser hastens recovery time.
  • Laser provides more predictable and lasting results, including bone regeneration

A Short History of Laser for Periodontitis Treatment and More

Laser is used every day within a variety of healthcare disciplines, including dentistry, which the Food and Drug Administration cleared in 1991. Today it is used to make dental procedures easier and more successful than certain treatments of the past while providing a much more comfortable experience for the patient. Doctors can effectively diagnose and treat diseases of both the soft and hard oral tissues, including gums, lips, tongue, enamel, dentin, and bone with a single laser beam. Laser translated means, “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation.” To generate laser during a procedure, there needs to be a source of electricity, a mirror to direct the beam, a semiconductor to release specific light wavelengths, and a fiber optic system to transport it to the target. In dentistry, laser provides a single wavelength of light, compared with the sun that projects several, that can be used to pinpoint and treat a target area with extreme precision without causing any contact or damage to nearby healthy tissue.
PerioLase II clear LANAP® Laser Treatment

The PerioLase® MVP-7™ Laser for Periodontal Disease Treatment

Dr. Williams uses the FDA cleared PerioLase® MVP-7™ to perform laser dentistry because it is proven one of the safest and most effective laser tools on the market today. This tool is unique because it is specifically designed to pinpoint bacteria and wipe them out faster and more accurately without ever touching your healthy gum tissue. This is remarkable because it reduces patient discomfort significantly and gives Dr. Williams a more predictable outcome, including new bone development around the teeth, which is unprecedented. Medical research shows that laser therapy stimulates bone cells around the teeth, adding support and strength they need to keep them in place. If you need periodontitis treatment, laser dentistry in Pensacola, FL with Dr. Williams is a smart choice. Please call or contact our office today so we can set up an appointment for you.

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