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Sedation Dentistry

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is an important option that Dr. David Williams offers to patients in Pensacola, FL who struggle with anxiety or physical problems that would ordinarily prevent them from receiving dental treatment. There are many reasons why patients avoid getting the care they need. Please do not let fear or worry stop you anymore. Dr. Williams is fully trained and qualified to provide safe sedation dentistry in the Pensacola, FL region.

When Dental Sedation Might be Appropriate:

  • Behavioral and medical conditions that make it hard to sit still or relax
  • Extreme fear of needles or discomfort with dental tools and surroundings
  • Bad, unforgettable experiences with prior dental treatments
  • Very sensitive gag reflex
  • Poor reaction to local anesthetics
  • Intolerable tooth sensitivity
  • Complex or lengthy dental treatment is required
  • Severe angst and embarrassment about the condition of teeth and gums

Dental Sedation Options

For patients who dislike needles, Dr. Williams can prescribe a pill that you can take about an hour before you arrive for your procedure, but you will need a driver to bring you to your visit. This option lets patients relax and allow the anesthetic to work. When you arrive, you will feel calm and maybe a bit drowsy. Our staff will greet you with a blanket so you can rest comfortably, without any anxiety, while Dr. Williams provides your treatment.

Also used for patients who fear needles, nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, has been in use as an effective dental sedation option for many years and is still used by about 35 percent of doctors today to reduce fear and worry. The gas has no odor or color and once inhaled, goes to work almost immediately to produce relaxation. The effect also wears off very quickly, when the gas is turned off, and patients are safe to drive afterwards.

Get the treatment you need without fear and worry. Dr. Williams can provide safe sedation dentistry in the Pensacola, FL region. Call or contact our office today so we can make an appointment for you!

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