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Dental Implants for Missing Teeth in Pensacola, FL

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70% of Adults Have Lost At Least One Tooth

Missing teeth are a problem for millions of Americans. Up until just a couple of decades ago, dentures and bridges were the only replacement options available. They still exist, but dental implants in Pensacola, FL with Dr. David Williams are often preferred. For missing teeth, dental implants are the top choice among patients and periodontists today. Call or contact Dr. Williams’ office so we can make an appointment for you!

Why Patients Dislike Conventional Dentures

  • Dentures can look conspicuous and fit poorly.
  • Dentures are hard to keep in place and make speaking and eating a chore.
  • Dentures lead to bone loss because they do not engage the jaw bone the way implants do.
  • Bone loss causes muscles in the face to atrophy and sag, making one look older than they truly are.
  • Dentures have to be relined or replaced every 5 years or so.

Why it is So Important to Replace Missing Teeth Now

Once a tooth falls out, the rest are also in danger of being lost. It might not happen right away but the risk is there. Missing teeth cause bone in the jaw to weaken because it no longer has daily interaction with the tooth roots. If the bone starts to deteriorate, then the rest of the teeth will lose the support they require to stay firmly in place. Missing teeth also create problems for existing teeth because they tend to shift and place pressure on each other. The risk of gum disease is also higher among people with missing teeth.
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Common Consequences of Missing Teeth:

Missing teeth should be replaced as soon as possible, and dental implants in Pensacola, FL with Dr. Williams are a favored method of doing so. Call or contact our office today so we can make an appointment for you!
If teeth are missing, chewing food is more difficult. It is very common for people with missing teeth to experience nutritional deficiencies because they have stopped eating healthy foods that are too tough to chew.
As soon as a tooth falls out, the bone that used to support it weakens. Most of the bone damage in this case happens during the first year. Wearing dentures intensifies the problem because they do not make contact with the bone. Only dental implants can replace the action of a natural tooth root and stop bone loss.
Most chewing is performed by the rear teeth, which can wear down over time. Missing teeth can accelerate this and lead to a vertical collapse, a term used to describe specific changes in facial structure. The chin points upward, the mouth corners turn down, and the expression takes on a perpetual grimace. Bone loss can also cause cheek hollowing and the lips and tongue to settle in unflattering positions.

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